Shipment # 289662 for Order # 555516

Subject: Re: Shipment # 289662 for Order # 555516

Hi Allina and team,

Today, the Saratoga fish is dead.

From the day one I received this fish it was weak and not active and not feeling well. Last Saturday I have checked the water quality with local aquarium to ensure the water quality is good enough and it is perfect alright.

I have also bought the Hikari pellets for Carnivores and had feed few pellets but it did not eat at all.

There is no problem with the water filtration system as I also have other small fishes of Tetra along with Saratoga and they are doing fine.

I have already emailed my claim form for the dead prawns last Thursday, but I have not received any response from you yet.

This is my first experience buying fish online, Since is an expert online people in Australian I thought of buying with you guys. otherwise I would have not purchased this fish online..

I am a bit upset with Saratoga fish that is dead today. Could you please send me a new one Saratoga ASAP.




  • Heintz.G
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    Hi DeadFish,

    Not a good story you posted, sadly the owners of Livefish hardly visit the Forum you will be better off copying your OP and emailing them again and also contact them via Facebook.


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  • Mooo
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    Hi dead fish & welcome, sorry about your shipment :/ do what Heintz said and email them, they might replace it.. conditions do apply ;) good luck :)
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