Barramundi Jaw

strsi681 Member Posts: 2
Hi All,

Our Barramundi had a run-in with the driftwood ornament while chasing a feeder.

His jaw was left sagging lower than usual (maybe dislocated?). A few gulps and his right hand side has relocated back, close to its natural position. His left hand side hasn't improved. He also has a decent lesion below one of his nostrils (from where I believe took most of the impact).

3 days without food and he has began to eat his pallets again. Apart from the obvious disfigurement his personality is about the same.

Could anybody suggest what to do here? Retrieve him from the tank and attempt to delicately put his jaw back in place, or leave it as it is, given he has started to eat again, and his jaw will reheal in it's current position?

Also, any suggestions for water treatment to ensure his lesion doesn't become infected?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. hopefully images are below.