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Platies or Mollies?


I not long started working in a pet shop. I was about to start a water when I noticed two small fry, about 0.5cm. I decided to set up a tank and take them home with me to raise them before they were eaten by other fish (ive never had fish before either). This was 2 weeks ago, theyre now about 1-1.5cm. Just yesterday when I was at work, I was talking to a work mate about my fish while looking in the fish tanks and I found another fry, about 1cm. I also took this one home.
Problem is. I have no idea what type of fish they are. I found all 3 in the male guppy tank. We also have the mollies and platys in the same tank and I'm still trying to learn the differences. The fry must have gotten into the guppy tank through the filter. I have shown photos to work mates but they're not sure what type of fish they are either.

Im hoping someone here knows what type they are? I've been trying to do research but still just can't figure it out. I have 2 orange ones (they were the first 2) and the whiter one is the one i found yesterday.
Also I bought a live plant about a week ago but, as you can see in the photos, its slowly dying. How can I keep live plants alive?

Thanks in advance for your replies :)


  • Heintz.GHeintz.G Moderator Posts: 1,363
    Look like Sunset Platy's, get onto Google heaps of photos you can compare.
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  • FraykFrayk Member Posts: 1,009
    Welcome Gemhar, what size is your tank? I mean, how many litres is it, have u got a filter? heater? Does someone at the pet shop know what species they are? Can you praps give us some more details, we would all like to help. Cheers.
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