Will this work

adz2332 Member Posts: 17
Will the following be ok to live together

2 female
1 male fancy guppies
2 female
1 male swordtail
2 female
1 male platies
2 female
1 male endler
5 neons


  • Bob
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    Hi Adz,

    Water conditions may present a problem for you, your live-bearers prefer harder alkaline water where the neons prefer soft acidic water.

    Not sure what size tank you have but,

    Swordtails can grow to a fair size and may bully smaller fish.

    Fancy guppies and Endlers can and do interbreed, if you want to maintain "purity" I would suggest only the one type.

    I don't know for sure but I think that platies and swordtail crosses have been used to establish some of the "fancy" swordtail varieties also.

    Also unable to view your photobucket pics.


  • Mooo
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    Try this aqadvisor.com/
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