Which Tank?

I’m new to this forum and looking at setting up a African Cichlid tank. I have had tropical tanks for a little while but am not real experienced but like the look of the cichlids.

I am after some advice with setting it up. I am looking at one of three tanks.

· Eheim Promixa 250 (100cm long x 50 wide x50 high)

· Juwel Rio 240 (121 x 41 x 55)

Is it better to get the wider than taller, Eheim, or better to get the longer narrower one, Juwel? Also quality of the cabinets and tanks?

Which tank is advised?

The setup will be for decorative purposes and there is no intention to breed.

Also are the Juwel filters any good? If I went with a Juwel I was thinking about keeping the standard filter plus put a canister filter on?

Any recommendations on filters with either setup?

I will be using pool filter sand and rocks. Have been told cichlids will destroy plants? Not sure if this is correct?

How many cichlids could I run in the advised tank?

Also unsure about the breeds of African cichlids, but I will look at that once the tank is up and running.

Thanks for your advice and help in advance.


  • Bob
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    Hi Icemist,

    Recommend a themed tank, ie, Tanganyika, Malawi or African river Cichlids as there are quite different water chemistry requirements for the various systems. To get the best idea search specific types, Tang, Mal, etc. to get an idea of your preferences. You will also want to consider other fish to add, cats, tetras, etc.

    Most African tanks tend to be shallow and long rather than deep.

    Happy to discus further.