Should I be worried?

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Hey all,

I just noticed a dark marking on the underside of one of my Dwarf Honey Gourami's.

Not the clearest photo but they aren't very co-operative taking photo's

I don't know if I should be concerned about it. A little googling says it could be gravid but I was pretty sure they where both males (based on fin shapes).

The two gourami's have been chasing each other a bit but I assumed that was just establishing dominance.

If it's not that does anyone have any guesses what it might be?

Tank details:
Aquaone 620T (130~l)
Inbuilt sump style filter

PH: 6.4
Amm: 0
Nitrate: 5ppm (due for weekly water change)

Tank mates;
10 Neon tetra
4 Bronze Cory's
2 Dwarf Honey Gourami (inlcuding the patient)

All fish are walked twice a day. B)

Thanks all,


  • animal_expert01
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    Twice a day is not enough, neon tetras have to be walked at least four times a day.
  • Heintz.G
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    Can't really tell with that pic, if you can catch the fish and take a better pic it would be helpful. Having said that, from what you have said it sounds like it's more than likely a female, sexing fish comparing fins is a bit hit and miss.

    Twice a day is not enough, neon tetras have to be walked at least four times a day.

    Haha, that's a bit like asking a Chihuahua to go for a 10k walk :D
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  • Gooey
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    Thanks Heintz,

    I managed to grab a clearer pic, although it took putting out a treat of frozen blood worms;

    Its the dark mark behind the pectoral fins that i'm concerned about. That wasn't there a few days ago.

    The other Gourami doesn't have any similar markings.

  • Bob
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    Certainly not gravid, Honey Dwarfs in good condition are just brilliant.The species is sexually dimorphic in that males and females have strikingly different coloration.

    The male should be a deep red with an indigo throat approximately following the pattern you have there. A female in good condition and comfortable in her surroundings is a pale cream colour with a broad dark chocolate stripe from head to tail.

    A good tank meeting their needs and you have a brilliant display. They are a big fish is a small body.

    Enjoy them,

  • Gooey
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    Thanks Bob,

    The colouring on the Gourami in the photo is a recent thing so maybe its just coming into adulthood.

    The other Gourami is still much paler, but doesn't have the chocolate stripe you describe. Maybe it might develop it later.

    At least now I'm not worried about them. Everyone in the tank seems really happy and healthy so lets hope they stay that way.