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30L light recommendations

GemmehGemmeh Member Posts: 12
Recently got my hands on a 40cm long, 27cm tall, and 25cm wide tank.
Anyone got any recommendations on an LED light that will grow low-medium light plants?
Pref around the $100 mark or cheaper. I've been looking at the Up-Aqua pro series z or the Up-Aqua pro series u, but i'm just not sure.
Also should I go a 30cm light as opposed to a 45cm?
Thanks guys


  • RainbowsRainbows Member Posts: 243
    I bought a cheap one for $80 for a 4ft tank off ebay although I can't remember the exact one sorry. I wasn't expecting much but it's only been on my tank for about two weeks and my plants are happier than ever, I'll try get photos for you later. The same supplier was also selling lights for 1-6ft tanks from memory, probably between $30-40 for a tank of your size.
  • Heintz.GHeintz.G Moderator Posts: 1,363
    For most of my hardware I use aquaholics online, fish and plants I use LiveFish.
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  • MoooMooo Moderator Posts: 7,653
    Browse the aquarium shops online, they have plenty of small LEDs, good enough for a small tank ;)
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