Rediscovering an old Passion

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In my case it was a decent sound system, turntable and Records I only have 40 albums 21 double and 19 single atm I almost forgot and a 7" 45rpm as well. Considering I sold around 250 albums, in the late 80's to get into new tech CD's worst thing I ever did.

Anyone else on here rediscovered an almost forgotten passion.
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    Well I've been moving stuff out of my room Heintz to make way for more tanks (update coming soon) and had to move the big map cupboard which holds my dads and my own combined shell collection. We would have well over 1,000 shells and its made me want to get back into it and try and collect the majority of the Conus species (my dad's a cowry man).
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    hmm , Chickens :) I used to keep them when the boys were small, but then, horses, life and health took over, now I have them again yay \o/ and they do manage to keep me sane :) True lol
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