Unusual 10 Gallon Tank Stocking Ideas

I have an empty ten gallon tank. I would like to stock the tank with an unusual fish species. I was thinking a toadfish but I wasn't sure if a ten gallon was big enough. I like puffers, livebearers, catfish and oddballs but anything is cool. Any Ideas?
Thanks In Advance!


  • Frayk
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    edited December 2017
    Ten gallons = 45lts, not a very big tank, ok for some small fish, threadfin rainbows, neons, honeyeyes, etc. Pufferfish need brackish water, i dont know any-one who has had success with brackish tanks, praps i might now! :) How about shrimp?
  • Mooo
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    Shrimp or one fighter is about it really, 45 is best for a solitary fish or really small ones or a q tank ;)
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