Return from holidays to a surprise!!

Hey all,

I just returned from a weeks holiday and was a bit anxious if my fish survived the abandonment okay.

Did a huge cleanup (glass was gross), water change, vacuum etc etc.

When i was done I noticed... there was extra fish in there.

I've had two Bronze Cory somehow survive fry-dom to become actual fishes.

I haven't been able to get a clear pic of them both yet as they are only about 6-8mm long so far but i did manage to snap this one;

That's one of my Neons in the bottom of the photo for size comparison.

Over the past few months the Cory's have been spawning heaps but i thought all the eggs had been eaten. These fry have raised themselves without any special care. Any guess how long they would have taken to get to this size?

Anyway will try to get better pics later.




  • Gooey
    Gooey Member Posts: 24

    I suspected this was the case but hadn't confirmed it.. there are 3 babies.

    One is about 1cm big the other 2 are the 6-8mm size i mentioned previously.

    Double SQUEEE!!!

  • Rainbows
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    That's great gooey! Cory's are already cute and babies are even cuter. Reminds me to try and get a photo of some of my babies for my update thread.
  • Bob
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    Can I suggest you clean out your filters. When I have had Corys spawn I have always salvaged survivors from the filter box. Likely to be more squeeeeeees.
  • Mooo
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    I love a surprise baby :)<3 congraties
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  • Gooey
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    Thanks Moo,

    I only catch a glimpse of them all occasionally but they seem to be growing okay. I'm hoping that when they do grow they won't put too much bio-burden on the tank. If they do I'll find a good home for them.

    Since then I've also had my only snail lay eggs. I got rid of them as i don't want the tank over run with them.

    My Dwarf Honey Gourami's are also constantly looking like they might mate, plenty of that slow falling dance they do but I cant see any bubble nests. I bought some Banana Lilly's which have put up heaps of Lilly pads so that might help those two.. but again I am nervous about overloading tank.

    Anyway will post more pictures soon.