Blue rams- normal or not

Hi, I’m really new to this whole aquarium keeping. We have 6 rummy nose, 3 bristlenose and 2 blue rams (got the rams 5 days ago not sure of sex and noticed that one has no pelvic fins but seemed fine)... the 38L tank has been set up for 4 weeks now. One of our rams seems to have changed color, it’s still got its blue but it’s not as yellow on the head as the other, they both seem to be eating. I have read that fish change colour when something is wrong... Is this normal?


  • Bob
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    Hi Sassy,

    Rams are especially sensitive to ammonia and nitrIte, are you able to test for these and certainly will contribute to loss of colour.

    The lack of pelvic fins is abnormal.

    The upper Ram in the first pic looks female to me with the blunt oviduct protruding, a male will be more pointed. The pelvic fins can also be an indicator of gender with these extending beyond the genital pore by quite a margin in an adult fish.

    Rummynose are a good indicator for water quality, pink vs bright red indicates poor water. Looking at your rummys, colour is good. You will often see rummys with a longer red head than yours have at the moment.


  • Rainbows
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    They should colour up more as they settle in Sassy. Both look like females to me. Lack of fins might be an injury from when it was fry sized?