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So, I think I can see tiny little snails. Only 2 or 3 so far. Although I think my Platys may have had an extra one for dinner.

I gather this is not good?

Amy known steps to be rid of them?


  • GooeyGooey Member Posts: 24
    Snails aren't necessarily a problem. Unless you really don't want them.

    Personally i love watching my Mystery snail move about the tank, and it does a goodish job cleaning up some of the gunk on the glass.

    That said i destroy any eggs i find from it.

    Others will probably come up with better advice but if its really just a few right now just squish them. If there are more I believe there are some chemicals you can use. Just be careful that the cure isn't worse than the disease.

    The other thing to consider is where they have come from? Did you recently add plants to the tank?

  • TetraterrorTetraterror Member Posts: 40
    Hi Gooey,

    Yes brand new tank and plant setup.
    I'll have to look up what eggs looks like... Just in case

    Not sure if they've gone into hiding or been eaten at this stage... None on the glass today that I saw this morning

  • GooeyGooey Member Posts: 24
    My mystery snail eggs look like chewed up pink bubble gum. They are laid out of the water attached to the hood. I believe most (all) aquarium snail eggs are laid out of the water. I'm sure others will correct me if I have that wrong.

    You probably just had some minute snails hitch a ride in on plants and they have been growing ever since until now you can see them.

    If you decide to keep one remember that some species are hermaphrodites and can reproduce just by themselves (like mine) so you need to be on the lookout for clutches if you don't want the tank overrun.

  • TetraterrorTetraterror Member Posts: 40
    I'll keep an eye on them.. Although in can't find any now... Added more loaches and some catfish.
  • TetraterrorTetraterror Member Posts: 40
    I shall name him Connor.

    "There can be only one"
  • FraykFrayk Member Posts: 1,009
    Snails IMHO are a damn nuisance, Snail rid treatments is no good for soft water tanks.
    Rid them by killing them when you see them as they can go feral and take over, clog filters, and you will never get rid of them, start now! :)
  • TetraterrorTetraterror Member Posts: 40
    I think I killed 4 this afternoon. Can't say I'm keen on lots of them so the last one may yet get the chop as well
  • FraykFrayk Member Posts: 1,009
    You could always try a snail trap, just a suggestion Tt. An old fish food container will do, tie some fishing line around the neck for retrieval, a couple of Algie wafers in the bottom, weighed down with gravel, night time vigilance!
    It worked for me when i had a snail invasion, you have to keep at it, reduce there numbers, you gradually win. Snails are a curse. Cheers.
  • TetraterrorTetraterror Member Posts: 40
    Funny you mention that, Frayk.

    Was just reading about snail traps today.

    It's worth a go. I'm rather reluctant to use chemicals as don't want to hurt my little fishies.

    I don't mind the look of the ramshorn snails, but not so keen on their ability to self replicate. There seems to be a constant stream of new little snails.
  • FraykFrayk Member Posts: 1,009
    yep, they are vermin. :) happy trapping!
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