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Hi Everyone.

Thanks for the add Admins.

I am studying Aquarium Management and thought that joining a forum such as this would be a great way to meet aquarists that I may be able to ask questions in relation to my studies from time to time.

I have an assignment that I am working on where I am to find a willing aquarist to answer a few questions about their own aquarium.
- How did your passion begin?
- What are the benefits of having an aquarium?
- What are the disadvantages?
- How much time do you spend per day/week managing your aquarium(s)?
- Other than the obvious, what are the main differences between having a saltwater vs freshwater tank?
- What rare species can you keep?

One other question is:
- What happens when you dip a net into a tank of a school of bright coloured fish (e.g: cardinals)?
- Observe their reaction and why do you think this happens?
I assume that the fish will scatter away from the net but may also display some sort of colour change - I think it would be most likely that they lose their bright colouration. I would expect that this is a defensive behaviour.

If any one is able to help me out with the above questions, I would be really grateful.

A bit about me - At present I only have a pond with a few goldfish but as time goes on, and I have completed my course, I plan to set up some more elaborate set ups - possibly cichlids, but I am not 100% decided as yet.

Thanks in advance for anyone that is able to help.



  • Frayk
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    Ok. I will give this a go, but, i can only speak for myself.
    My passion began with loving all animals, dogs, birds, Giraffes, lizards, snakes,axolotyls,
    Elephants, Whales, fish...........etc. If you get my drift.
    Then a fascination with water, moving water, life, living under water.
    Then a fascination with fish.
    I believe Aquariums regardless of size and prestige are an engaging escape from reality,
    as i said, i speak for myself.
    To be continued.............
  • Bob
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    Hi Mel,

    Not sure that I can say when the interest began.

    I remember as a very small kid being taken to rock pools in a sheltered area on the South coast of Victoria. Always maintained an interest in both marine and freshwater systems but have never ventured into “marine” aquaria. Being a “piscean” may also contribute to the interest.

    First aquarium was a two foot goldfish tank possibly mid-late sixties. Have had tanks of various types most of the time since. I like many of the South-East Asian fish such as gourami, rasbora and loaches.

    Amazonians are probably my preferred fish, some of the bigger Corydoras, Discus were a challenge but managed to have a number of spawning events, hatching, free swimming and grew out a number to adult. I have also had success spawning Angels and some of the Dwarf Cichlids.

    Having a functional eco-system in the house is very relaxing whether you are just watching or “tweaking” the system. Some might refer to that as maintenance.

    When I had the Discus in I was probably spending 30-45 minutes three times a week plus filter clean and associated work (60 -90 mins) every three months.

    Can’t help with differences between marine/freshwater.

    Scaring the fish will usually result in loss/subdued coloration as will not keeping your fish in good conditions.

    If you would like more information on some of these aspects I am happy to help.


  • MelM
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    Thankyou Frayk and Bob. I really appreciate your input.
  • Frayk
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    Ok, how much time do i spend/per day/week?
    I have a 4ft tank [390 lt] home to 18cm Saratoga and a 3ft tank {app. 240 lt} which houses a 9cm Snake headed Gudgeon, and a few River Murray rainbows, 2 Purple spotted gudgeons also an Empire gudgeon and Bs cats.
    I''d probably spend about 90% enjoying them and the other 10% maintaining them!!!
    I invented an automatic water change system for both tanks which eliminates so much work.Cheers.