Beginner questions

plazzo Member Posts: 2
Thanks for this informative forum. I have 2 questions about our pond. We are controlling mosquitoes with rainbow fish ( I am not sure what type ... I am in Newcastle and bought them from a local pond supplier and they said they would be fine for this climate and are native to NSW. The pond is 2x0.75m area and 10cm deep. The rainbow fish have bred on the prolific supplies of mosquito larvae and frog spawn and there are probably 20-30 of them now, all less than 3 cm long - will they require feeding over winter now that the mozzies are dying off? Or can I just leave them to fend for themselves.
And 2) if I bring some of them inside over winter ( just so we can look at them really) can they share a tank with a few white cloud fish that are refugees from a previous pond, or will they fight each other.
Cheers, adrian.