Harlequin rasbora colouration?

Hi all, got these rasbora for my community tank 2 and a half weeks ago. My plants were late so I didn't manage to have the tank planted before they were introduced, but I planted the tank a week after their introduction. They have coloured up somewhat since then but they are still very see-through. Their iridescent bellies are red and some of their outer scales are orange (as well as their fins) but I'm worried that they aren't gaining the classic red colouration of the species. They get along well with their other tank mates and school really well, they aren't visibly stressed, so I'm getting a little concerned. Is it normal to have this sort of colouration? Could it just be because they are quite young?

And help would be appreciated!


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    Hi Charles,

    I've had a look on google photos and your Harlequins colour look like the majority on there, if they were mine I wouldn't be worried at all.

    Some of the really red ones on there I would suspect they have been photo shopped or fed on colour enhanced food like white crane, on a side note your tank looks clean and healthy.

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