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Bit suspicious

BobBob Member, Classifieds Posts: 708
Getting fishy around here again, been a long long time. Hope I can drop a pic in.


  • FraykFrayk Member Posts: 1,009
    Awesome. love the scape, are they gouramis or rainbows?
  • BobBob Member, Classifieds Posts: 708
    Hi Frank,

    I have three pearl gourami in there at the moment plus three clown loaches that are not so obvious. Will be adding a few Siamese algae eaters in a couple of weeks to keep any BBA under control. School of harlequins and maybe a red tail shark to finish.

    Slowly slowly but should be done in six to eight weeks depending on nitrogen cycle

  • FraykFrayk Member Posts: 1,009
    Good stuff, keep us posted. Cheers.
  • Heintz.GHeintz.G Moderator Posts: 1,363
    Hi Bob,

    That's one good looking tank and I agree slowly is the best way to go about it.

    Sometimes when I reflect back on all the beer I drink I feel ashamed. Then I look into the glass and think about the workers in the brewery and all of their hopes & dreams.
  • BobBob Member, Classifieds Posts: 708
    edited July 2018

    If the update is not here will try a different method again shortly.

    About 8 weeks along with almost complete stock. Possible Red Tailed Black Shark, Fighter and opposite gender mosaic gourami to add, 20 harlequins and 6 kuhli have settled in well though I only rarely see the kuhli.

    Second shot a today shot. Have just seen two of the kuhli!
  • FraykFrayk Member Posts: 1,009
    Looking good Bob, real good to hear from you as well :)
  • BobBob Member, Classifieds Posts: 708
    I am liking this setup at the moment.

    The 6x2x2 is up for a refurb and should be running within the next 14.

    Keen to get it going.
  • BobBob Member, Classifieds Posts: 708
    Looking at me looking at you, 1 of 6 released just over a week ago, there are multiple kuhli still as I see numbers simultaneously. Too many hiding places but they seem to like it and are becoming more adventurous.
  • BobBob Member, Classifieds Posts: 708
    Love my loaches but not easy to get all three in one shot.

  • BobBob Member, Classifieds Posts: 708
    Things are getting a bit out of control, in need of a tidy up I think.
  • BobBob Member, Classifieds Posts: 708
    edited November 2018
    Things continued to get worse, took some action today but will need to make a determined effort to keep on top of things.

    Duck weed which seems to have snuck in on a couple of plants is covering much of the surface competing for light and nutrients, absolute pain to get rid of but have made a start and will be part of a daily routine til gone.

    Second photo is after the “harvest”, third photo in the duck weed before removal of most of it today.

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