White Spot

I was told my neon tetra had possibly white spot. I moved them to a different tank. I put blue planet white spot treatment in the tank they were in. I put 5ml in 40l tank as instructed. The next day 2 guppies died. I continued the treatment after the 3rd day as instructed & had 2 other fish that died & no sign of white spot on them. Could they have had white spot before it being visable? Could it be the treatment? Should i stop? How do i test fungus in the water? Ive had the water tested for ammonia & ph at the pet store & was fine.


  • Frayk
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    Chances are, your neons had white spot. Moving them to another tank imho, probs not the best thing to do, but you were trying to do the best thing so im not having a go ok!
    When white spot, fin rot and other fungal diseases occur: Do a 50% water change, increase aeration, increase temp by 2 to 3 degrees, add pima fix and mela fix, monitor.
    let us know how you get on.
  • mbella01
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    I did 2 treatments of pima & mela fix combined before i moved them & was told to do 25% water change after each 7 day treatment however the white spot didn’t get better & was told to try the white spot treatment
  • Bob
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    Sorry, late to this, blue planet treatment for white spot recommended at 1/2 usual rate for tetras. As Frank commented also an increase in temp will increase effectiveness of treatment, you can go as high as 30 but watch the fish for stress and reduce again as needed.

    I have also read reports of ammonia spikes which some attribute to formaldehyde in the treatment knocking out your bacterial filter. May or may not be the case but regular testing should be done with increased water changes as necessary.