Guppies in pond over winter

Hi guys, I have never posted before, live in Sydney (Ashfield). 12 months ago i decided to try guppies outdoors in a 15,000 litre pond (I also have various smaller tanks 200 litres to 600 litres surrounding the pond, water is gravity fed by pond and heated with temp controlled by flow rate - trickle in winter - then flows back to the pond.

When temps got to around 20 in pond I started to move every guppie back to the tanks (there were thousand or so varying ages). Unfortunately no way to catch them all…… So probably 100 or so plus god knows how many juveniles remained in pond for the last 2 months with water temp now on average 14 degrees

There are still a bunch alive (and the reason for posting) they are hanging wrong the warm water trickle from the the heated tanks (it is a trickle so no impact to pond temp, maybe half a degree).

This appears beyond anything you read re tropical and water temp - only a couple of months to go before the water starts to warm again. Could the hanging around the warm water trickle be enough to keep them alive over winter…..

Didn’t really have a question - just thought it was interesting

Cheers Phil


  • Heintz.G
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    Hi Phil,

    Guppies are a tough little fish, they should be ok.
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