Recommendation of brand/seller of true WHITE aquarium sand

taraj08 Member Posts: 4
Years ago I purchased white aquarium sand, I cannot recall the brand name. I am trying to find this or another brand/stockist of white aquarium sand again. Australian Pet Supplies "APS" sell "Super White Sand" and it looks very white on the online ads, however, after placing my online order it came to me as beige sand, even after very thorough rinsing, it is still beige and a "sandy" colour. I contacted the seller and he said that their "Super White Sand" is actually beige. I have also had a look at Aqua Natural "Sugar White" sand online and it looks white, however, in my local pet stores this is actually a beige colour as well , I took some home anyhow and rinsed it thoroughly and it is still beige. I am at a loss as these products have the words "Super White" and "Sugar White" in their titles but it is misleading, they are not white at all, but beige. I would like to purchase some more white sand, however, cannot recall the supplier /brand name. Can anyone recommend aquarium sand that is actually WHITE? Thank you