Where to people get their tanks?

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Hi guys,

I am planning to move to Australia from the UK next year at some point, and if I ended up staying, would like to continue the hobby.

I currently have a 200 Litre (55 US gallon) AquaEl tank that if I remember correctly was around £400 including lights and stand brand new.

I’ve been trying to have a little look on some online AUS stores and have been really taken aback by some of the prices I’m seeing. I thought the UK aquarium prices were massive (especially considering the Americans seem to get $1 per gallon sales all the time!) but maybe I’m looking in all the wrong places. Of course the cost of living in general is higher in Aus, but like I say some of the things I’ve found seem crazy expensive. If anyone can recommend some good websites for tanks around 500 litres that would be great!

Another question regarding tank purchase's (may seem silly) but of course Australia is massive compared to the UK. When I ordered my tank, it came from a warehouse about half an hour away. They delivered it for free using their own vans and helped bring it into my apartment. Would I need to order from a place based in the same area, or will it be easily shipped via a courier from anywhere in the country? Failing that, is it best to purchase directly from a local fish store?

Any help would be really appreciated! Thanks


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    Hi Oli97. Australians are pretty good at shipping stuff long distances however, when it comes to tanks/aquaria, you will save time and money the more locally you source. If there is nothing in the town/city where you settle then look to the capital city of the State. Another tip re pricing of tanks is to talk to a local glazier or glass fabricator wherever you settle. I have found more than a few over the years who are happy to build tanks - some even do it as a regular side gig to their main business. Designing tanks that use close to a whole standard size glass sheet is the most cost effective, a number of glass shops will already have some designs drawn up. You wind up paying for materials and labour but not the R&D and Marketing/Branding. Finally, pay very close attention to the rules re species that are suitable for aquarium pursuits. They differ from State to State. Same for what species can be collected from the wild and kept in aquaria. Hope you enjoy the land of Oz!