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I am still around.

Yep I am still around, although I have moved from Lowood Q to Burrum Heads Q. Much closer to Livefish now and if you are after L397 from them it is possible I bred them. My 28 tanks have shrunk to 14 tanks which is much better on the power bill. My canister and pickup filters are all Eheims which are energy saving low wattage. I still keep mostly all pleco L numbers, L397, L333 normal and albino, blue phantoms, zebs, L270, L080 and L134 both normal and finelines. I even have a few guppies! I cut down a lot with fish last year after I battled breast cancer and had to have chemo which sucks big time. I still have a bit of trouble lifting water change buckets but I am back now into my fish and loving it.


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